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Produced by a native Texan from across the seas, Texas Exile Radio twangs, rocks, shuffles, & whines — 24 hours a day — just like country radio's s'posed to.  TExR spins the latest Texas Music & Red Dirt hits, loads of your old favourite Southern Rock and Country tunes, a big ol' helpin' of Outlaw, and a pinch of Americana.  We love the new … but we never forget where we came from.  

TExR is country radio just like it oughta sound (but usually doesn't). We don’t take orders from Nashville. We play the records that we love, and that you love. Crank us up today.  It sure beats the hell outta stuffin' armadillos down yer pants.  

Oh, yeh … and we're non-commercial, too.  Music just sounds better that way.  


Do you take requests?  We do try. Drop us a line.  Can’t hurt to ask. :)

Do you accept artist submissions?  Sure do. If you’re a Texas or Red Dirt artist, Southern Rock, (Neo-)traditional  or Honky Tonk Country, or twangy Americana, throw an mp3 link our way.  

Where in Texas?  Just south of Ft. Worth. Dallas is great, but we’re Cowtown people. Last place I lived was Waco (Sic ‘em Bears!). If I moved back I’d head straight for Austin. Of course. Got a big Georgia background, too. Georgia is also good. 

How can I support TExR?  Couple-a ways:  1) Listen to us — lots. 2) Write to us. Tweet to the Padre. Follow us on Facebook. Never underestimate the value of moral support. 3) Tell your friends about us! Got friends? Good. Nag ‘em till they listen to TExR night and day. In the end, they’ll love you for it. 4) Go to our merchandise page and buy a t-shirt or a coffee mug or something. It doesn’t make us much money, but it gets the word out. 5) Tip us. There’s a PayPal donations button around here somewhere. Click it. I’m not a non-profit or a charity, but I’m not running TExR to make money, either. I just want to spin some good tunes and cover my costs if I can. Your donation will go straight to helping keep us on the air. That’s as straightforward as you could hope for — no bullshit, no nothin’.  

What is your privacy policy?  Simple:  I don’t collect your personal data, full stop.  Not interested.  If you send me a donation via the link on our front page, PayPal will pass along your email address to me, and you will receive a personal letter of thanks.  Then you won’t hear from me again.  And that’s all there is to that.  

Who’s your favourite country artist?  Oh, I’m flexible.  I’ve got a wide range; but I’m happiest when I’m hearing rootsy, twangy traditional sounding stuff (think Ed Burleson, Aaron Watson, Dwight Yoakam) and traditionalist-progressive (think BR5-49, Jason Ringenberg).  I like a bit of Texas-rowdy, too (think Kevin Fowler).  And I’ll always have a soft spot for country-folk’s Holy Trinity – Jimmy Buffett, John Prine, and Steve Goodman.  (It’s the stories, man.)  

What about rock?  Do you like rock?  Shit yeah. 

What about Nashville?  They suck, right?  Mostly, yeh.  But — let’s be clear — I don’t hate Nashville just for the sake of hating Nashville.  What I want is country music that sounds like country music, and I won’t begrudge Nashville when they get it right.  If all those folks up on Music Row took their cue just a little more often from the likes of Daryle Singletary, we really wouldn’t have a problem, now would we?

What’s your favourite wine?  Beer.

What’s your favourite whisk(e)y?  Laphroig. 

Did you know they invented Dr Pepper in Texas?  Yeh.  Waco.

© Padre will, 2014